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Created on 2012-04-21 16:25:35 (#1604222), last updated 2012-09-07 (262 weeks ago)

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Name:Shawn Roberts Daily
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Welcome to the Shawn Roberts Daily community were you can find everything from the latest news to drool-worthy pictures!

1. One image 500x400 allowed above the cut per post. Please place all other images behind a cut so that the layout stays the way it should and so it doesn't screw up anyone's friends page.

2. Icons are welcome but please post them behind a cut and please have AT LEAST, BUT NO MORE THAN 3 teaser icons. People on dial-up are your friend too.

3. If what you are posting is not worksafe then please post a warning! Nothing's worse than clicking a link in the middle of a stuffy, uptight office and up pops a picture of... well something not worksafe!

4. NO HOTLINKING! It's a simple rule! FOLLOW IT!

5. NO CHAT SPEAK! Only five-year-olds speek lik dis. We're all mature individuals of reasonable age here. It's not that hard.

6. BE NICE! Again, mature individuals. Save the drama llamas for someplace else. Shawn Roberts Daily is all about sharing the love after all. :)

7. Please remember to use the tags when posting - it's makes searching easier for all.

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